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ComCierge Terms of Use

Welcome to ComCierge, a unique hardware and software solution offered to make your stay more enjoyable! ComCierge is brought to you by HatchMed.

There are some important things to understand about ComCierge, its use, the data created by its use, and the limits of our liability in connection with its use. These Terms govern the legal rights, obligations, and liabilities regarding ComCierge and its use. These Terms are important, so make sure you read them carefully before using ComCierge. Your use of ComCierge constitutes your acceptance of these Terms.

First, ComCierge is provided as a helpful convenience to make your stay more enjoyable. You can communicate simple messages directly to your nurse over the ComCierge system using the pre-programed buttons. However, ComCierge is not a medical device and it is not a life-saving device. It does not substitute for a nurse call button or any of the emergency equipment that may be necessary for your situation. It is merely a convenience device, so you should not really on ComCierge to assist you in a medical emergency.

In summary, ComCierge is:

  1. Not a nurse call button;
  2. Not a medical device; and
  3. Not a life saving device.

It is a convenience device intended to make your stay more enjoyable.

With that in mind, you agree that HatchMed, Inc., a Washington Corporation with its principal place of business in Seattle, Washington, shall not be liable to you in personal injury or tort for any damages suffered by you in connection with your use of ComCierge, the device, its software or hardware, whether caused in whole or in part by the sole or partial negligence of HatchMed. You also agree that any claim against HatchMed by, through, or claiming under you shall be brought exclusively in an Arbitration proceeding to take place in Seattle, Washington, administered by the American Arbitration Association. HatchMed and you shall bear the costs of arbitration equally.

Second, these Terms govern any data collected in connection with the use of the ComCierge device. Neither HatchMed, Inc. nor the ComCierge device collect your name or any personal information about you. You wont supply us an email address or phone number. So, we will never sell any personally identifiable information about you.

We do collect information on the use of this device, its metadata, the buttons pressed and how often. We aggregate that information together with how this device is used generally. We may use that information to improve this device, its software, the hardware, the user interface, or to create offerings, platforms, or services that assist Hospitals, Hospital Systems, or others, and that may include selling or licensing the information collected.

We hope you love using the ComCierge system, and we thank you for the opportunity to make your stay more enjoyable!

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